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I think this is all a great deal of fun and the first person I've decided to interview is one of my best friends, Kristyn IsWade! She is so optimistic, ready to take on the world and so beyond full of life. The perfect person for the first interview.

What is your name?
Kristyn Ruth Wade…but I’ve had many names.

From birth I was Squeaker because I had the hiccups when I left the hospital. I’m sure whatever past life I had just exited from was too much excitement or too much sugar. My dad still calls me that to this day, so it holds a very nostalgic place in my heart.

And then growing up in my teens, I was Little Wade because I hung out with my sister’s friends a lot and the name just naturally occurred. I always will feel a special bond to that name because that was the time I matured a lot. Being with people 6 or 7 years older changes your perspective. That’s why I don’t believe age is relevant. Wisdom happens at different times for different people. Those people made me very grateful for trust and genuine curiosity.

As highschool climaxed, the era of Purple came about. It truly was the best of times and the worst of times. I loved having a role to play or being able to pretend to be anything I wanted. Maybe that’s why I loved wearing vans, rocking the mullet with multi-shades of color, and just being different. I was somebody that no one else in the little town of Montgomery, Texas could be. In a way, I was immortal.

The next nickname didn’t really come around till college when I was around the breathtaking Catherine. She’s been my rock through so much and she empowered me to be strong and be a true woman. Though originally for my paint technique, I loved the name IsWade and suitably defined my pursuit of independence for the next phase of my life….Ms.IsWade…it has a nice ring and can be interpreted on many levels.

My current nickname with my friends at the business school is KWade. I love that school because I am so free there. I feel fortunate to have both business logic and liberal art creativity. I don’t see many people at that school with the same demeanor. And so I assume my hipster like style, bohemian attitude, and cunning business eyes all equal KWade.

What was your up bringing like?
It’s going to be an interesting attempt to convey one’s entire way of life in a few short sentences. When I start thinking, I question where to exactly begin.

My childhood consisted of many outlets of fantasy. Even when I was a baby, my sister dressed me up as “Little Baby Jesus” to act out Christmas scenes on our home video camera. I suppose I always adored my sister for that and it carried on with me til now. When I was old enough to understand eleltronics, I started filming with friends and by myself. Our story lines would be along the lines of children losing their parents or finding a stranded puppy on the side of the road. And Then I progressed into video games on the computer that were adventure and puzzle oriented. My upbringing definitely allowed me the liberation to roam in my head.

Stories have always been a part of life. Perhaps to make it seem less dreary in reality or maybe I’ve just been really bored my whole life. Characters like Pocahantas and Esmerelda from HunchBack of Notre Dame were fierce independent roles I always wanted to be like.

Once I reached middle school and above, it was harder to remain in StoryLand. Though perceived as shy, I never had much to say because I was always thinking and analyzing everything around me. And I knew I was different from others because even from an early age, I was a husky, wide-eyed, freckled spirit who didn’t find shopping or doing normal girl activities desirable. Cliques were not my forte and I pitied most who couldn’t think outside their box. I just wanted to be outside and enjoy life. Makeup was a weird shift as it was 75% peer pressure and 25% curiosity. And no one showed me how to do it either, as with most things. I refuse to sit around and wait for someone to open the door when I can just do it myself.

As high school approached, college and jobs loomed into existence. And so did more people with my philosophy on life. Perhaps that is why I’ve always been open-minded to experiences and people…I wanted to always find someone that connected with my morals. Morales and ethics is highly related to where you grew up and who you associated with. My parents gave me a strong foundation in spirituality while my friends and ideas shaped me into a congenial individual

What are three words that describe you? Peace, relaxing, analytical

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?  
When I first open my eyes, I try and ponder upon my prior night’s sleep and contemplate on the mysterious dreams. Depending on if it’s a school day or a work day; I’ll have various clothes laid out so I never have to plan. Or if I can’t decide, I’ll have two outfits and then whatever one I dream about or think about first in the morning,  that is the winner. I also always stretch, even just waking up the calves or doing a plank. Getting energy in the body is very important.

What is your favorite place in Houston?
The Museum District, but specifically the Menil block. The museum, the park, the Rothko chapel…so much to take in and so much to be thankful about. The people play a huge role in it too. I love people watching and even if I don’t meet someone new that day, I’ll have a great feeling that I was a part of a village and that’s all that matters.

When you get upset, what is the first thing you do? 
It’s interesting because I don’t really get upset a lot. Usually it’s just because I am tired but even then, I just look like shit, I never want to feel like shit. The logistics behind that is simply not wanting to exert brain power in a negative direction. You might take one step back sometimes, but if you get upset, then you might as well take 5 more steps. I always ask myself why I’m angry or why I feel a certain way and usually identify the root problem without it proceeding to anything worse. And I also apparently roll my eyes when beautiful music abruptly stops playing.

As a 22 year old woman, living in Houston, Texas, what motivates you to continue your work? Where can you see yourself in 5 years?
I like the way that sounds because that makes me feel empowered just reading it. Living in Houston…at this age…at this time…it’s a dream come true. It was definitely not appreciated as much when I was a freshman or sophomore but everyday I wake up and discover something new and fresh about this city. I suppose what motivates me to continue educating myself and working is that I have a world to inspire and save. I could choose to pursue a negative outlook and be resistant but why? Why despise this gorgeous world we live in? And what would happen or what opportunities could arise when I connect with the Universe and allow it flow through me? In 5 years…I’ll be 27 about to be 28…and that’s all I know. Ideally, I would be on a path still pursuing excellence, virtue, peace and ethics. But above else, I want to always be completely blissful in this world.

What is your dream job?
Owning my own business which focuses on self-development. And that’s such an ambiguous statement, but self-development is really anything that you believe will create brain power. Creativity is an important piece of making decisions. And this can be achieved through yoga, art, music, and dancing. That’s what changed my life and I want to show the world everyone can do that too.

However, I know the first step to becoming a master is to be a student. And as Buddha says, "when I am ready, the teacher will appear." And God is right on time with my development. I can’t say when it will some to fruition but it will.

Would you rather be on television or the big screen?
Neither, I would rather be on stage in front of hundreds of people either singing my heart out or performing an incredible deep monologue. I believe plays are the purest forms of theater. Shakespeare knew his shit. I acted for 13 years of my life, in a non-metaphorical way. I have seen raw energy blaze the audience with streams of emotion and bewilderment. It makes me believe that humanity will always live on in some way or form. If we have passion, we can make it. And frankly my dear, we are absolutely making it.