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open up to new energy

as you change, what works for you may change, too.

the purpose of the journey is to open up. But with it comes the responsibility of watching how we feel, how our bodies feel in certain circumstances. with it comes the responsibility of knowing that certain things that used to work for us, certain things we used to be able to handle, may not work as well any longer.

as we change, we will want and need the energy around us to change, too. we'll want it to feel better, energize us, be good for us. at first we may say, this never bothered me before. I don't know why I'm so sensitive now. then we may wait for our bodies and lives to return to normal, to return to how they used to be.

you are becoming more sensitive, more open than you've ever been. when you were closed, you didn't feel as much, didn't respond as much. sometimes you weren't aware of what you were feeling or how your body reacted. now that you are more open, your body, mind, spirit, and soul will be far more affected by what you take in - whether it is food, drink, or the energy of a person or situation. you will feel more intensely. you may want different foods, different people, different places, different clothing, different activities. as your energy changes, you will likely want different energy around you.

listen to your body and emotions when they tell you something no longer works for you. let the old fall away. listen to your inner guidance as your heart leads you to someplace new. 


when you come home and your home is a film set