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new haircut

I am my hair and I really wanted the length to be gone. 

TRUTH: First and foremost, some of you remember when I attempted to go blonde. Well it turned out to be a "honey dipped" orange - which really sucked! Bleach doesn't go away! The bottom half of my long hair was a constant dread / knot / matted mess because of this. When I was in college, a friend of mine * Bianca Perez * once said that she previously felt she was "hiding behind her long hair" and wanted to break out. Channeling her inspiring words and (of course) my main muse - the lovely Alexa Chung: I woke up, left my apartment, and went straight to the haircutters. 

I needed to break free. 

I encourage you all to get a spring cut too. Makes everything feel very fresh!

this is directed to you

my sister and I