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22nd birthday reflections

Should I go all the way back to Thursday? During the day my family and I ventured to San Marcos to celebrate the graduation of our close relative Xavier. He graduated from Texas State University. We are all so proud of him! He rocks. After eating our faces off at the Salt Lick, my sister and I took this photo with Xavier's sister Evita. Evita is one of the co-founders of NYC's Premiere Dance Company - Syncopated City Dance Company. She and Xavier are like siblings to us. Plus I was able to see Baby Anthony too. He is a star. It was also my brother's birthday! Happy birthday A.

I don't think I could have asked for a better weekend. The festivities commenced when my sister Jacqueline arrived in Houston Thursday. She never really has had a true Houston experience (not sure what that exactly entails) but this was her opportunity to meet my new squad and see different areas. I was excited to have her here. Thursday night: Camille, Charlie, Jacques and I took the rail. Went to Frank's Pizza. Houston Rockets won. Mhmm. Friday night: Cozy day at work, Dance party @ the cottage, Dance party in the East End @ a warehouse. Saturday: Ventured out to College Station to meet Krista's boyfriend Cory. Couldn't believe I hadn't met him yet ... Cory was COOL! Had lunch with Krista, Cory and Linda. Linda let me into the girl's college apartment. I was able to give that place a proper goodbye. I have developed so much there. I am so proud of those girls. Wow. They are all such rockstars. I think I will individually write about them in a bit. Okay so Saturday night I went to Parker's graduation dinner at Caracol and OMG WTH OMG THE BEST lobster I think I have ever had. There was just so much lobster. That is Hugo's seafood Mexican Coastal Kitchen restaurant.

One of my favorite parts was when Jade brought me mint! She blew my mind and I was so impressed. The mint made my Friday evening so tasteful. I used it in this cocktail. Read the recipe. Can you believe that 80 leaves? So exact! I can't wait to plant this in a pot and use it all summer. I need to do that ASAP. Jade is my coworker and amazing company! She has inspired me so much - artistically, organizationally, ideally, I mean I could make mountains of lists - she is awesome. :: MINT :: 

Wish me luck, I am dedicating myself to my plants. That is one of my summer goals along with many others that I might share online. I don't want to make them too personal. << BTW - I am currently jamming to Little Dragon at the moment. >>

Sunday was nice. My brother's gf graduated! We celebrated at the delicious Chama Gaucha. I am so grateful for that meal too. So many good meals this weekend! Anyway - I am very happy for Dominique. She has literally WORKED her butt off. That is what is so beautiful. All of my friends and family members are all hard workers. All inspirational.

Monday was my actual birthday and I had a "meatballs and movies" night with some of my close friends. Cassandra made up that phrase. I feel so loved. I just want to serve this summer. Get back on the mat - bow down and be grateful for this life. I am happy my parents were with me this weekend. They are fun people.

Hipstercrat / 6th Ward Trill by choice gave me this for my birthday. Just what I needed / so #sketch / #SketchyArt

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