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The summer daze

I believe it's safe to say that this has more than likely been the best summer of my entire life. I have learned so many lessons! In my natural order of life, the summer is always very unpredictable for me and my thoughts patterns. This imbalance always causes me to feel super unproductive. I don't know why this occurs but it's just what usually has happened before. My memory immediately recalls the tiring summers where I have been in crutches for broken toes, stuck in suburban jobs, cramming summer reading material, gaining weight because I'm eating so much, wretched sunburns, and the endless craving for something magical to happen. But it was not this summer! No it was not. 

This summer I completed and graduated from University, traveled to Mexico with no plans and managed to see so much wonder and beauty all in one week (thanks to my beautiful cousin Marifer), saw Lady Gaga, got to know my nephew more and see Adrian and his new role, supported my brother Javier's move to Houston, turned 21, worked my ass off, proudly officiated the lovely true blue wedding in Seattle, found my new food co-op in Houston, enrolled in a pottery class, took a great weekend trip with two of Ryan and I's friends in Austin, ate at the finest restaurants in Houston multiple times, saw my sister transition into college, reconnected with my bestie, ate at Whole Foods a lot, found two new doctors in Houston, left from my great job at Big Yoga, and just recently got the dream job (next door) at Houston Art Alliance! 

My summer was beautiful! I found and harvested the meaning of true self-love for myself. I decided that acceptance and courage conquer so much fear. No longer do I sense that I will be abandoned or even that I will be a failure. I am more comfortable in my being more now than ever and I do have some plans for the fall. Other than focusing on my new job, health, and journey, some of my ambitions are to pursue ceramics, time for yoga, juice, and reading. I am in the process of saving $ for a new computer, budget to finally have internet in my apartment, and save as much $ as I can. This is my real life now. There is no school semester to support my actions anymore. Not until I'm ready for graduate school! I hope to revisit this blog and frequently post more insight on the day to day day-dreams and wanderlustings of my life.

cassandra jaime