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This trip to Austin thus far has been a ray of sunshine or perhaps just a flash in my eyes, in which I have experienced this incredible relief overwhelm everything. No really, my knotted hair problems have diminished, my stomach doesn't hurt, I don't have this constant waking fear building up my spine, and I don't have to worry if I didn't turn off the air conditioner in my apartment. Relief I tell you! Relief!

I decided to come home to work on my thesis project. Hey, I am about to graduate and the week before the break started I had a meeting with my adviser and my gut was telling me that I needed to unwind and see this short week / break as a time to really focus on my priorities before I graduate and see a new world. I'm happy I did this! I have outlined a new chapter completely, picked my artists, picked my paintings, scheduled my final due and defense, and have sat in about three different cafes around the city I call my home. It feels great to be back. Usually I have experienced this bitterness when I am home because I have seen the city change overnight and suffer a great degree of progress. I think the reason why I got over this is because I watched the Linklater classic film Slacker last week and it motivated me to see Austin through the lens I grew up with and not the tired bitter lens I had created in my mind. I love my neighborhood of good ole Oak Hill! I have stopped by some of my "old times sake" favorites like Galaxy Cafe off Brodie, Juiceland off Barton, Tacodeli off Mopac, and even got to see one of my best friends Lindsey! It is nice to balance art historical work with (knowing when to take) breaks. We had dinner in the Hill Country with my boyfriend Ryan and his good friends Charlie and Kristof! We brought the food and they cooked and grilled everything. It was nice to take an evening off, enjoy great friends & food & drinks, and see the stars and moon up close sans urban noise. Today, I am spending the day at my favorite coffee shop, Epoch Coffee off of n loop and n lamar. Getting work done feels productive and empowering. That's all.   

~~stay tuned for more austin pictures soon~~



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