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austin half marathon

running a half marathon was something I had been planning to do since I signed up with one of my best friends, Cassandra in Houston on June 1, 2013! it was an incredible experience for me because it was A GOAL AND I DID IT. before this race, I was constantly beating myself up for things I want to do (but feel like I can't), finding ways to be lazy (something I struggle with), or overall putting myself down for not going after it. not anymore! by dropping all my doubt and fears and physically challenging and forcing myself to JUST DOING IT, I couldn't find a way to have my excuses catch up with me. not only did the support from my friends and family motivate me throughout the entire race but also my boyfriend did! he is an avid athlete and runner! last year during the Houston marathon I met him at certain mile points to give him nutritional relief - he did the same for me in Austin at mile 5, 8, and 12! mile 3 was the turning point for me! I ran into a laundromat screaming and shouting to use its services (haha). miles 6-10 were fantastic because I had two energy gel packs in me, water and gatorade. fantastic relief! miles 11-12 were brutual because of THE ENFIELD HILL. reaching the finish line was the moment that symbolized the erasing of my past difficulties and fears. I raised my arms in the air and closed my eyes so grateful for my body's strength and my familial support and thought "you are powerful" ! the beer and bubble bath after the race was rewarding. thank you to everyone for helping me reach my goal!

hades week with my thesis

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