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forgive, try to forget and be open

If you are a selective forgetter, you will be a much happier rememberer. Learn to forgive and to forget. It's bad enough to have been hurt once without replaying the incident for a lifetime. When someone hurts you, straighten it out with that person. Maybe the situation is hard to correct, but do try. And no matter what happens, there is one thing you are able to do. You can forgive. You can get back your own peace of heart. You get it back by forgiving.

Say what you mean what you say. Openness characterizes all great people. No double-dealing for you. You are a straight shooter. Openness-honor-is not some kind of antique relic of the past.value it in yourself and in others. Value your honor at home, in politics, in your relationship with your higher being. Value it most of all in your heart of hearts.

me and the modern

I know so little