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I'm going through a r(evolution)

The world is hurting.
The world is hurting.
The world is hurting more than it ever has before,
And you wanna know why?
Because of the guy on the corner holding a sign saying “God Hates Fags.”
Because of the soccer mom waving her American Flag.
Because of the frat boy driving his SUV.
Because of the brainwashed millions watching TV.
Because of the….
What if the world is hurting because of me?
And what if the world is hurting because of us?
See: Things are really messed up, but we spend so much time putting the fault over there, and over there, and over there, not realizing the vaults of change we could open just by looking inside here.
Year after year we condemn the media fed fear and hate that separates nations from nations and us from them and us from them.  We condemn those walls every day.
And yet every day we erect walls on our own streets and treat our neighbors like strangers and don’t even care to know their names and we claim we are working for Peace. We’re all singing songs of “No War”, but what about the wars we fight with those we love behind our own front doors.
And those bumper stickers that say, “No blood for oil” slapped to the backs of our gas guzzling cars.  It would make a little more sense if we had them stuck across our hearts.
We’ve got to look at our part, before we point the blame elsewhere.
Aim a little back here and we could light the world so bright.
See. I could spend my whole life pointing at the poison of the conservative, republican, Christian right. Or I could look at myself and see the most homophobic person I’ve ever known was me at 19 years old.
I could write books about the way I have sold my soul.
Fill whole libraries with just my crimes. So I’m not gonna waste anymore time playing judge and jury over everyone else when I’ve never found myself completely guilty. In fact compared to many, my hands are probably filthy.
So we can make devils of each other, or we can take that energy and make gods of ourselves.
And I’d rather live my life on a mission of building a heaven than working demolition in hell.  Build big the beauty. Big build the love.
And I swear; the hate, the fear, will one day disappear and it all starts right here.
Because the holiest water ever poured on me was a water that reflected everything inside me that I didn’t’ want to see.
See, we can march a thousand picket lines in the streets. We can tear up the concrete a thousand times with our teeth then plant the soil with a thousand fertile seeds for the revolution that’s marching deep within our private souls.
That’s the rain that will make the flowers grow.
So before you point the blame, make a list of everything on this earth that you want to change and at the top, print your own beautiful name and start from there.
Build revolutions inside here, inside your own pounding heart and that alone could start the evolution of the entire human race.
In a world of judgment, so much depends on the kindness of one friendly face.
So build your compassion, build your grace. Your next big breath could become the next big bang, the single saving spark that lights the fire.
There will be no higher power any higher than you when you first save the sister, father, brother, mother Earth that lives inside you. So build yourself as beautiful as you want your world to be.
Wrap yourself in light then give yourself away with your heart, your brush, your march, your art, your poetry, your play. And for every day you paint the war, take a week and paint the beauty.
The color, the shape of the landscape your marching towards.
Everyone knows what you’re against; show them what you’re for!
Then become the door that opens that keeps the people hopin’.
And don’t just point the way. Become the path that leads them there, with everything you do. Because if you’re gonna change the world, you got to start with you.       Evolution: Andrea Gibson 
Thank you Kristyn IsWade.


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