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new year, new classes

This school year is really exciting for me because it is finally the semester where I don't have to be taking at that one class that isn't my interest. Ie: political science, biology, math, etc. and it's not like I wasn't interested in the subjects! I think they are valuable, parts of everyday society but they don't thrill me! 

My first class is Africa and the Moving Image with Dr. Amy Powell. First and foremost, this class is definitely the class that is the most foreign to me. It is an African Film course that is set to be a hybrid between the continent of Africa and the moving image (or camera) in contemporary art. The interesting thing about this is that African art is not taught very much at University but for the last two semesters I have noticed a bigger variety in the non-western art history classes that are being offered. I learn the most so far in this course and I am definitely interested in the way Dr. Powell presents each film and requests that we don't just write response papers but we consider the entire context of the what type of film, where the region it is filmed in, and how it is filmed. Exciting times. I would love to visit Africa. 

Second class is Impressionism ooh la la! This class is incredibly convenient considering how much a) j'adore le français! b) the fact that I traveled to the Art Institute of Chicago this summer and saw the "Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity" show which was fabulous. I got to experience that show with my mom and my sister and I remember going ooo and aaa at all the lovely paintings and gorgeous curation. Experiencing that show showed me that the painters of that time period weren't just painting everyday modern life's activities, they were also showing the way everyone was dressed and presented in society. I love Paris. Need to go back there A$AP! 

Third class is French. Even more of a culture boost! I am seeing the culture of the famous Parisians in Impressionism and then I get to talk and act like them in French. Who couldn't of asked for a better set up?! I love the language because it makes me feel more international. A lot of people ask me why I take this instead of Spanish because I am a Mexicana and it would just come so natural to me. Here is the answer: a) my major, so many historical AND contemporary documents are primarily writing in French and in German I might add! b) my Thesis contains a lot of Magic Realism and Surrealism evidence and documents in French as well. I am definitely happy to learn the language and pretend to be a lovely Parisian. For sure. 

Fourth Class is Pre-Colombian Art which is taught by Dr. Koontz the School of Art Director here University. He is an amazing person. He does so much to make our University's School stand out in the Houston Art Scene and works hard to get us really out there to see it all. Our first assignment is learning about the great Popol Vuh which is such an interesting read about the creation of life in Meso-America. First of all, these ideas are all reaching out to the ancestry of Mexico and that's really amazing. It is something new and interesting to really believe in. Second of all, we all know how the creation is told through the Bible or other books like the Quran and this offers a new alternative to how existence came to be. This is another subject that is somewhat foreign to me because in AP Art History in high school, the only way we were able to learn about Meso-American art was by being selected for our Non-Western Project. I had Japan. 

Fifth class is my online Latin American Cultural Comparative Studies course. This course also combines the efforts for the CCS department as well as the Religious Studies department. So far it is a survey of the ideas from all three departments combining the fundamental points of culture in the world. How fabulous right? I love the fact that is shown through YouTube and Power points online, it makes it so easy and essential to understand everything. I will keep you updated about this one. 

My sixth class is my Thesis Research and Writing Studio course. Let the games begin.

All and all my semester should be fine.

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