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"2017 wonders what it would be like to give yourself a break. To not push. To trust life enough. To be lit when the lights are on. To allow yourself to fall into the comfort of the darkness when it comes. To be with what is in deep meditation. To be transformed by the practice of acceptance. 2017 asks you for real transformation. No shows. No spectacles. No faking.

The first eclipse in February brings you much needed information about the foundations of your life. It speeds up the healing process in your family, both chosen and blood. It asks you to find a firm footing and to create from the most stable places of yourself. The second eclipse brings the completion of a lesson you’ve been learning over the past year in regards to your hopes, dreams and visions for the future. The folks that help you hold onto your hope will be of maximum importance and heightened influence.

Your ruling planet, Venus, stations retrograde in March. This review will occur between the realms of your inner world and your social one. Picking up on the theme of February’s last eclipse, this Venus retrograde will put extra emphasis on the people in your world that keep you connected, creatively inspired and passionately on purpose.   

The second round of eclipses occurs in August. The first of which adds the theme of career and reputation. The second of which asks you to keep the focus on your home life and family formation. The deeper you root, the wider your branches will be able to spread.

Jupiter continues its journey through your 6th house of work and health issues. It will be there until October 2017, encouraging the growth of your work projects and your role in them as well as asking you to take part in the physical activities that help you to feel buoyant and free throughout your days.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 8th house of shared resources, debts, loans and collaborative projects. The more serious you are about knowing what is yours and what is not, what you owe and what you’ve paid off, what you come packing and what you need others to bring to the table, the sweeter the deals you can broker. And the more lucrative.

Uranus spends the year cleaning out your psychic broom closets. Though it sometimes does so by stirring up the ghosts of the past, it is ultimately letting you know that a lighter load will help liberate the stifled creative energy that lies in wait of its release." 


"Wildly creative energy runs through you this year. So much brilliance. So much inspiration. So much that can end up feeling like a chaotic cacophony. But such is the creative process. Your job is to capture the insights that come so you can fill the structures of your life with it. Your job is to know when to plug into the energetic sources of power and pleasure so that you can refuel your tank. Your job is to know what to say yes to and what is worth your time and effort. Your job is to get out of the way of the energy that wants to move through you and respect its force.

Your job in 2017 is to show up.

The first eclipse in February is in your sign. It marks a year of big changes. Hellos and goodbyes. Beginnings and endings. Breaks and breakthroughs. It’s a year that sets you up to succeed if you are able to be fiercely loyal to your truth and take the chances that you know you need to. The second eclipse highlights the lessons that you have been learning through your collaborations, negotiations and financial deals. Use this one to clear up debts, especially the emotional ones that still weigh you down.

Venus stations retrograde in March effecting your long-term desires. You may be reviewing some aspect of your education or need for new experiences. Venus retrogrades all the way back to the place where February’s last eclipse occurred, asking you to review your relationship to those you share your precious assets with.

The second round of eclipses in August focuses on the realm of self and other. It continues to place a special emphasis on you but adds your balancing point: your partnerships. Much healing can happen here, or at the very least, the opportunities for healing will be abundant and clear.

Jupiter continues its journey through your 3rd house of communications and daily rituals. It wants you to expand through your everyday practices and promises that much growth will occur if what you do on the daily helps you connect to sources of inspiration and enlightenment.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 5th house of children and creative projects. This transit has been a long exploration of what to make with the time you have to make it. Spend 2017 learning how to use your energy constructively and you’ll be able to build beyond your wildest dreams.

Uranus continues its lengthy journey through your 9th house, encouraging you to change up your view of the world and your way of moving through it. Long-term plans aren’t interesting unless they leave room to meet the unknown aspects of yourself."