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We all have sources we turn to for support. We may turn to special people in our lives-family members, friends, a lover. We may turn to nature-the mountains, trees, oceans, rivers, sun, moon, and stars. But no longer have to limit ourselves to just one person, one source for love, energy, comfort, and guidance. 

Certain people come into our lives for a short while to help us through particular times. Other people come to stay for a longer time. Sometimes we love people and are so deeply committed to them they they will be sources of energy and love for us, and we do for them, for most of our lives. That's good. That's how it should be. 

But while it's good to have people who are special sources of support for us, allowing one person to be our sole support can mean trouble. We may begin to drain that person. We may become overly dependent. He or she may move away from us. Or we may become angry, as we usually do, at whomever or whatever we are dependent on. For many reasons, we may find ourselves in conflict with that one we have deemed our source. Something may happen that causes our source to no longer be available to us. It's important to be conscious of what our needs are and to get our need met. But it's also important not to make one person responsible for doing that. 

Open to a larger, more abundant source. That source is God. And God's supply is the universe. When we look to God and the universe, we open ourselves to a never-ending supply of what we need-love, energy, teaching, support, information, guidance and nurturing. Certain people and places may help us along our way, but God is our source of love. 

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