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Taurus Sun

"Seek it, sis. What you hold most precious and true. What means the most to you. What you care about, what you can’t do without. What you’ll move mountains to get to. It’s time to sync up your survival strategies with your soul’s need to expand. It’s time to risk a little comfort for your greater good. It’s time to make some long-range plans that you can get behind. While doing so, it would be helpful for you to look at whom you most want to work with, collaborate with and fold your energies into the mix with. When making your plans, consider the partners that are the most potent to work with. Consider who you want to be with longer term.

Try not to bite off more than you can chew in the planning process though. Try to temper your desire to assert yourself with the need to plan according to your situation. Try not to jump ahead of yourself. This week’s influences are strong and certain of themselves; it might help you to be so as well but it might also make you feel a little bigger than your britches." 

Leo Rising

"Meditate on the ways in which you live out your days and what you need to get done within each one. Get out your schedule. Get real about what work projects you want to get to and what that would actually entail. Since this week brings to light what helps you get your work done and what hinders you from being able to do so, take note of your successes; they’ll most likely have within them a strategy for more of the same. They’ll most likely be a template for more triumphs.

Be careful not to burn out right now. You need some fun to help yourself refuel from all the big jobs that are relentlessly pulling on your sleeves to get finished. Take a look at what is on your list. Take a look at how you have ordered your chores. Put first things first. Make sure that the least important projects go last right now. Put what can go on the back burner on the back burner and recycle what can be recycled.

The drive to accomplish a hefty chunk of work is with you now. Just make sure that you apply it to the most important jobs first and you’ll be in fine shape to roar with pride very soon."


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