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new orleans

This month we faced a lot of death. Never in my life did I think David Bowie actually could die. Now he is considered immortal. When I saw on Facebook that Arcade Fire was organizing a parade and planning to lead the second line for ~ David Bowie ~ my intuition went grey. If this happens to me it is usually a good indicator of *much-needed* adventure. The only way I can think of describing this is escaping into the unknown, becoming grounded in uncertainty, opening yourself to new portals of discovery. 

I clicked that I was "interested." I can't remember how I got the notification but it was like the internet knew I wanted to go. My friend Bryan, who lives near New Orleans, also said that he was "interested." Maybe it was through him? I don't know but this isn't the point. The point is that ARCADE FIRE was going to be on the streets of New Orleans and I had to be as close to them as possible. I had to.

Have you seen their work together? I mean you probably have...

To me, the whole idea wasn't realistically possible until my new friend Cecelia spontaneously texted me "Do you want to go?" ** LIKE WHAT YES ** 

My sister Jacqueline and friends Cassandra and Cecelia all took off bright and early and got there right on before the parade. The drive in was great! Airbnb ended up being near the Garden District off Tchoupitoulas Street. At this point the weather is unpredictable. I think it was around 40 degrees. Right after a quick stop at American Apparel, we arrived in the French Quarter right as Win and Regine walk by. We didn't have a close look ... well to be honest we thought we didn't see them. It wasn't until later when I saw my friend Cassandra's tweet! She has a short video on Twitter. It is a glimpse of all of the chaos and if you look closely you can sorta see Win. It could have been right around this time: 

I found it really literbating to run the streets with thousands of other people. 

Celebrating life and death.

All for David Bowie. 

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