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to myself

Here I sit in the living room of my brother and sister in law's new house. My code name for this place is "Tranquility Mountain." We are watching Project Runway and I have been quiet because I don't really watch television. Competitive shows like this help me set up my goals so at least it is motivating. 

Tranquility Mountain has been good to me. It has taken me away from the chaos of the city. We blended kitchen recipes and everyone broke the rules. There wasn't any sense of negativity. Just a lot of work! My sister and sister in law slayed the kitchen. 

Earlier today we went around and said what we were thankful for and I realized that I had known these people for my whole life. It really blew my mind. They know who I am, where I come from and we are all aware that we share this beautiful connection. Thanksgiving is something that we come back to year after year and yet we still enjoy each other's company. I am grateful that they accept me and my decisions and choices. 

So much love, gratitude and freedom today.


make today a healing day