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wash old pain away

"I don't know what's going on," a woman told me, "but lately memories of the past have been coursing through me like a river. I see scenes from my life, then the feelings appear - old pains, old hurts, old wounds. Nothing is triggering this that I can tell. It's just happening spontaneously."

We walk around with the old wounds, old hurts - remnants of other times, ancient times, in our lives. We may be aware of these old feelings, fully conscious they're there and why. Or we may only have partial awareness, a lingering sense that there's some hurt within, without a clue as to its source. We may get a glimpse of it when we open our eyes in the morning and notice something deep inside aches, but we don't know why. Or we may not be conscious of the pain or it's connection to a particular event. The pain is hidden away, deep within our soul.

It has become time to cleanse the past.

Let the feelings come to the surface and pass through your consciousness. Let memories emerge as they will. You aren't going back to your past. What's happening is normal. Your heart is finding a way to heal.

"Clear away the past. 
Let the river of life wash old pains away. 
Feel the feelings until the river runs clear."


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