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my acl picks

best collab: disclosure + lion babe performed "hourglass" and I absolutely loved her energy. I have been listening to her own tracks for a few months now and they are equally as great. check it out!

speaking of disclosure: life changed and I am dancing so much more now - thank you for bringing me back the good vibes.

sexiest: so the real deal group that got down and dirty were tame impala with elephant /// I think my mind is still in that performance; the weather was perfect that day and my sister and I were vibing hardcore to these super foxy australians.

right food: chi'lantro bbq :::: right drink: alaskan white on draft (one a day right before two pm)

what company always pulls through: camelbak with that water

so about drake: drake was like running a race - hours of standing and being centimeters away from individuals who were SOOO rude. it felt like it was a performance art piece. until some people got really crazy and just were going down left and right. probably the last time I am going to do this for someone. but drake's mind is worth it. I got pretty close to the front. I stood all day asking myself why I was standing right there for him. seriously why did I do that? I'm not a total fan girl (I don't like to really get too intense because then I get reclusive and obsessed), I didn't cry (I don't really cry anymore unless I am disappointed or feel someone else's pain) and I wasn't a stripper ---> then I remembered why when he started performing: "All Me" ~ I was made for all this shit. (insert peace sign emoji)

weirdest guy: ben howard, this year he got really upset about something, left the stage and then came back and played songs that no one knew.  not a bad thing, just not what I was expecting at all. 

song that spoke to me the most: why won't they talk to me? by tame impala / hands down / no need to explain this for now


great and in the background: from eden by hoizer (for Ireland) - apparently this guy is super attractive? my sister kept raving about him

craziest biznatch ever: our fairy queen of peace, creator of her own rules florence + the machine "I want you to get as high as you can! I want to see mountains out there!" I think everyone died when she took her top off and ran out to the crowd and made out with that random guy. hahahahaha. you should watch her performance and then read this awesome austin 360 article: 

i've never followed no kind of master's voice

the person judging you is yourself