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I know it was yesterday, but you don't really care if I am a day late. I don't think? I remember the first time I heard your voice.  I was in my car driving on Lake Austin Blvd., going eastbound about to exit for Mopac. I never knew how to feel that deeply until I met you. I promise, for the first time in my whole life, I understood the meaning of existence. My body, my mind, my everyday life and eventually how to greet my death. I finally knew how to survive pain. How to live. Thank you for being there when no one else was. I love you. 

"Everybody has got to live their life, and God knows I've got to live mine." 

"I don't dream of anyone, except myself." 

I ruined my parent's driveway for you. The lyrics to "Half a Person" are still printed on the left side. But hey, acrylic is water-based paint, what's the problem??? 

Check out my hair. I think I was growing it out. 

I remember performing with a Smiths cover band back home. I played the tambourine. 

"He knows so much about these things."

"Why do you come here
When you know it makes things hard for me?"

"I really love Mexican people. I find them so terribly nice."