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Mathilde Fassin || Out of America

Art Historian Chanelle Frazier's friend, Mathilde Fassin, recently released Out of America, a documentary about the African diaspora, lasting effects of slavery and discrimination felt by African Americans today. Part of the documentary was shot in Ghana at the end of 2015. Mathilde and Chanelle met at the National Museum of Ghana and Chanelle was interviewed!

Watch a clip of the documentary here:

Review (translated from French): 

"The United States celebrated the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the abolition of slavery in 2015. But by the time Barack Obama, first black president, completes his second term, tensions over the role of African Americans have not disappeared. Measuring the weight of slavery past, this informative documentary identifies the causes of persistent discrimination. Woven about specialists - French historian Pap Ndiaye, Jake Lamar novelist - he attests a renewed interest in the African cause in conjunction with a rise of racism across the Atlantic.

Rigorous in historical approach, the director held the responsibilities of the fathers of the nation, including Thomas Jefferson that forbid the slave trade and tolerate slavery. After abolition, torn by Lincoln at the end of the Civil War, blacks will be subject, for a century, to another servitude segregation. The civil rights movement to the present day, stakeholders depict a community plagued by xenophobia and violence. Some exiled citizens in Ghana will spread on their quest for the ancestral land, claiming "African diaspora". Their laudatory mention of Ghanaian independence leader Kwame Nkrumah (1909-1972), figure disputed Pan-Africanism, deserved a more measured look." - Hélène Rochette

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