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my art weekend

This weekend Jade and I ventured out to Galveston to visit the opening of Adela Andea's new show Lux Aeterna at the Galveston Arts Center. It was a site specific exhibition that explored different realities with room size light installations and sculptures. While we were there, we walked down the street to the Galveston Artist Residency. The show that was up was actually a great surprise! For some strange reason we thought Plant People had closed the week before - quite the contrary!

I also went to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) on Sunday. They had just opened the new Marilyn Minter show Pretty / Dirty. We both agreed that the show offered a really fresh perspective of Marilyn's work. I had never seen a solo exhibition of her work, which made the experience more exciting.

Please enjoy my photos:

Lux Aeterna, Adela Andea

Lux Aeterna, Adela Andea

Ann Wood

Galveston Artist Residency

Smash, Marilyn Minter

Black Orchid, Marilyn Minter

Art Talk: Jo Ann Fleischhauer

submergence (2013) a squidsoup project