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"PINA" at 14 pews

Last night was the first time I had ever visited Houston's small church/movie theater - 14 pews. "14 pews is a non-profit dedicated to the art of storytelling told through theater, dance, music and film" (Website).  My friend Cody Sue and I arrived to the Heights theater right as the doors opened only to experience the venue and meet the executive director Cressandra Thibodeaux! Her poised presence delighted me at the front door and I was able to have a conversation with her before the film started. Very insightful grateful person to connect with! 

Wednesday was one of the showing of the organization's German Film Series that is currently screening throughout the month of May (click here for the schedule!). Since I did so much German historical research for my Magic Realism thesis, I have become more connected to learning about German arts and culture. We watched the 2011 film Pina, which is a documentary feature-length film based on the company of famed German choreographer Pina Bausch. This experience was complete magic! I don't know if it was because I was so excited to be in the 14 pews space or if I was totally wooed by Pina's work and legacy. 14 pews is a converted church - so there are still tidbits of sacred energy in the walls and the pieces of art. I've been interested in modern dance ever since I was a young girl watching dance performances at Bass Concert Hall in Austin and more recently - when I was Bill T. Jones speak last year at the Moores Opera House in the fall of 2013.

This film brought delicacy back into my perspective. The human body is capable of poetic movements and that being said (any form of) dance reminds me that the human race is not physically limited to just their deliberate stance. The two main questions that the films asks are: What are you longing for? Where does all this yearning come from? This sparked many answers in my mind! The film taught me that the search to find what you long for doesn't end with one answer. It is constantly and endlessly craved. 

Absolutely loved it! I think I will go read Pina's biography now. She's quite the inspiration. 

and here is the discussion after last night's film :: the discussion is with the 
audience and the directors of the german studies program at Rice University! 
 just to let you know the PINA 2 is the first clip // followed by PINA
- please enjoy -


thesis: visual representation / comparsion