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The Progress of Love

have you ever been to an exhibition that really truly has changed your life? that only has happened once   with the war photography exhibit from the museum of fine arts houston. in that I was left in tears-art really shifts the way people associate themselves in the world. an individual's creativity really can stunningly educate and inform the public with each of the appeals: pathos, ethos, and logos. all of which I find truly fascinating. 

conveniently right in time for valentine's day ---

The Progress of Love really blew my mind. 

It was a heartbeat, one single beating drum that was a compelling series of different mediums that reverberated my soul. All associated within different forms of media, "The Progress of Love explores romantic love, self-love, friendship, familial affect, love of one’s country, and other bonds in and around the continent. Though the exhibition is weighted towards art produced specifically about love in Africa, works that might otherwise be considered more “Western” in orientation are included as well, calling attention to the global exchange through which such concepts develop, and to both the shared and distinct aspects of the experience of love." 

Really, please bring yourself to go to this exhibition, it genuinely made me happy and I know it will for you too. 

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